Types of glass and applications in the decoration industry

1. Laminated glass, sandwiching a layer of PVB interlayer film between two pieces of glass, even if broken pieces of glass will stick to the film, effectively preventing debris from hurting people, while the laminated glass is still stuck by external force, and will not rise from a height. Dropped, it is not easy to be penetrated by objects, and the global glass mesh can be used in the guardrail of the viewing balcony.

2, ordinary flat glass, is the traditional glass. Mainly at the door and window, it plays the role of heat preservation, light transmission, wind blocking, space division, etc. It requires colorless and has good transparency and flatness.


3, sandblasted glass, using a special process to erode the surface of the glass to form a translucent effect, mostly used in the living room and restaurant hall or bathroom, both beautiful and private, the global glass network Xiaobian feel that this type of glass can be used in In the partition between the room and the bathroom, it plays a role of privacy and romance.

4, stained glass, is currently popular decorative glass, with special gelatinous dye and coloring on the glass, can play a role in the overall club decoration style.

5, hot-melt glass, also known as crystal three-dimensional art glass, is the integration of classical and modern art forms into the glass, so that the flat glass processing a variety of patterns.

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