How to judge whether the double glazing of the window is tempered glass

       1. Listen to the sound, knock on with something, just make the glass sound crisp; the sound of ordinary glass is stuffy.

  2. Looking at the refraction of light from glass, if it is tempered glass, it may be seen that there is a column of blue or gray regular, dark intermediate, shallow and fuzzy circular or elliptical or long strips on the surface of the glass.

  3. Slip with a glass knife. If it is tempered glass, it is difficult for the glass knife to leave a slip on it.

  4. The tempered glass has the logo type.


  5. Distinguish from the state of debris formed by fragmentation of a piece of glass: the formation of relatively small pieces of regularity is general tempered glass; most of them are regular small pieces, and a small part of the central area is a relatively large piece, that is, the area Tempered glass; in addition, it is not tempered glass. The identification of tempered glass is indeed difficult. The average user is to see if there is a seal of the tempered mark.

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