What is the cause of the tempered glass surface

  1. Roll marks: Because the roller path distance is relatively large in the tempering furnace, the step jump is large, and the roller marks may be left. This can be solved by appropriate introduction of sulfur dioxide, because sulfur dioxide can react with the roll surface to form a protective film to reduce the possibility of roll marks.

  2, pitting: There are several reasons for causing pitting, such as excessive sulfur dioxide, because sulfur dioxide is very corrosive, too much access will cause it to corrode the surface of the roller surface to leave spots on the surface of the tempered glass Leave pitting, and the roller itself is not clean enough, and dirt is stuck on it. This can also be solved by introducing a small amount of sulfur dioxide, but if there is more dirt, it is necessary to stop the cleaning roller.

  3. White fog: Generally, white fog is generated because the tempering temperature is not enough.

  4. Tempered rainbow: Nowadays, float glass is generally produced. In the production process of float glass, the process of flattening the surface of the tin bath under the action of gravity and self-tension is inevitable that one side is in contact with the tin surface. A small amount of tin infiltration occurs in this case. At the time of temperature, stannous oxide is produced. In the process of tempering, stannous oxide is reoxidized to form tin oxide under high temperature, and the volume expands, resulting in some micro cracks on the glass surface. These cracks produce light interference when the glass is observed under special conditions and angles, resulting in a tempered rainbow. The solution is very simple. It is fine to sprinkle the polishing powder on the surface of the glass.


  5, wind spot: This is formed during the cooling process, due to uneven temperature caused by uneven glass stress, it will see the light and dark stripes on the glass surface under a certain angle. Solution: Generally, air knife cooling is used instead of the traditional air hole cooling to avoid wind spots as much as possible.

  6. Stress spot: The stress spot and the wind spot are similar, which is also caused by uneven stress. For example, during the heating process, there is a temperature difference between the edge of the furnace and the middle part, resulting in uneven stress. There is no way to avoid stress spots in the world. It is mainly to pay attention to the natural factors such as orientation and local climate during installation to make the naked eye indistinguishable. It is recommended to replace the traditional single-chamber tempering furnace with a double-chamber tempering furnace, so as to eliminate stress unevenness as much as possible. Happening.

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