When the shaped glass needs to be tempered, the parameters of the tempered glass are set

1. For glass with holes and grooves: when tempering, the heating time of the glass of the same specification is increased by 2.5% to 5%.

2. For glass with sharp corners: glass with an angle of less than 30° is heated by 2.5% to 5% in the heating furnace. When the glass is placed on the glass, the tip is placed behind and the waste glass is placed to prevent the angle. The heat absorption is too fast and causes bending.

3. For embossed glass: when the glass is placed, it is generally not facing upwards. In order to avoid excessive heating caused by corrugation, the plane is sometimes placed downwards. The heating time is determined according to the thick glass, and the blowing pressure is also the same.

4. For the heat absorbing glass: the heating time is generally reduced by 5% compared with ordinary glass;


5. For coated glass and heat-reflecting glass: for the protective film surface, the coating surface should face upward, and the bottom temperature and heating time should be increased by 2.5%-10% compared with ordinary glass of the same thickness.

6. For glazed glass: Be sure to dry before entering the tempering furnace. The upper and lower temperatures are generally set to about 700 °C. If the glass is bent, the wind pressure should be properly adjusted. The heating equilibrium pressure can be reduced by about 50%, and the heating time has a certain relationship with the glaze color.

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