What are the main factors affecting glass strength

    1. Chemical bond strength: The strength of a solid substance is mainly determined by the bond strength of each particle point and the number of bonds per unit volume.

  2. Surface microcracks: Griffith believes that the glass breaks from the surface crack, and as the crack gradually expands, the entire sample is broken.

  3. Micro-uniformity: It is caused by phase separation or formation of ion clusters. Cracks are easily generated between the microphases, and the bonding force between them is relatively weak.

  4. Structural defects: macroscopic defects (stones, bubbles, streaks, nodules) and other common causes are inconsistent with the main glass components, and the thermal expansion coefficient is different to cause internal stress. At the same time, the interface is provided due to macroscopic defects, so that microscopic defects (point defects, local crystallization, grain boundaries, etc.) are often concentrated in the areas of macroscopic defects, resulting in cracks, which seriously affect the strength of the glass.


  5. Temperature: The strength of the glass decreases with increasing temperature (-273 ° C ~ 200 ° C)

  6. Active medium: 1 Incorporating cracks like wedges to expand cracks; 2 Chemically destroying structures with glass.

  7. Fatigue: The fatigue of the glass is due to the deepening of microcracks under the action of loading.

  8. Stress in the glass: residual stress with uneven distribution, greatly reducing the strength

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