Glassware cleaning tips

  A simple method of cleaning the glass can be wiped with a rag padded with vinegar. In addition, the cabinet glass that is easy to be contaminated with oil should be cleaned up. If oil stains are found, you can use the slice of onion to wipe it. The blurred glass can be completely renewed. Glass products are bright and beautiful, which is one of the most enthusiastic building materials for consumers. So how to clean the glass products if they are stained with stains?

  1. Dip kerosene on the glass, or use chalk ash and gypsum powder to dry on the glass and dry it with a clean cloth or cotton. The glass is clean and bright.

  2. When the wall is painted, some glazed water will stick to the glass window. It is difficult to remove these limestone traces if scrubbed with ordinary water. Therefore, it is easy to clean the glass by wiping the glass window with a damp cloth and some fine sand.

  3, glass furniture will be black for too long, you can use a fine cloth to wipe the toothpaste, so that the glass will become bright as new.

  4. When the glass on the window is traced or stained with oil, put a little kerosene or white wine on the wet cloth and gently wipe it. The glass will soon be bright and bright.


  5. After the fresh eggshell is washed with water, a mixed solution of protein and water can be obtained, and the glass is washed with it, which also increases the gloss.

  6, the glass is stained with paint, can be wiped with a velvet cloth with a little vinegar

  7. Wipe with a slightly damp old newspaper. When rubbing, it is rubbed vertically and vertically, and the other side is horizontally rubbed horizontally, so that it is easy to find the place where the rub is rubbed.

  8. Rinse with warm water first, then wipe with a damp cloth with a little alcohol, the glass will be particularly bright.

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