What are the terms of glass appearance inspection

  Dirty: refers to solid debris that adheres to the surface of the glass by a clean cloth or a blade.

  Foreign matter: Dust particles or shavings adhering to the surface of the glass cannot be wiped off. Dot flower: Spotted scratch, usually with dot defects to determine OK or not.

  Hole not bright: refers to the square hole of the glass to meet customer requirements, no specified standard, usually based on the customer's signature.

  Clashing: The gap in the non-corner position of the glass is well understood in terms of relative lack of corners. Flange: A portion of the glass that is outside the standard specifications and can be referred to as a flange.

  Indentation: Blocky marks that are recessed into the surface of the glass, and reflective inspection is better. Generally, due to deep scratches and impurities on the surface of the glass before chemical strengthening, indentations are formed after strengthening.

  Bumps: Spotted or embossed spots on the surface of the glass, also required to be tested under reflective conditions.

  Silver Point: The white point on the surface of the glass. When viewed from different angles of light, the observed size will change. The white point is not changed.


  Pinhole: Small dots in the glass ink area leak light.

  Internal contamination: The presence of the glass ink zone between the glass surface and the ink.

  Wool: The linear or spotted dust of the glass printing surface in the ink area is not visible on the front side and can be accepted by smooth touch.

  Bud deficiency: The ink gap near the window area is called bud deficiency, and the ink is called long bud.

  IR transmissive surface: On the front side of the glass, there is a circle around the IR hole around the IR. This phenomenon is called IR transmissive surface.

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