Causes of wave formation on tempered glass surface

  1. The thickness of the glass is insufficient. When the thickness of the tempered glass is insufficient, the degree of softening is large. Generally speaking, when the glass having a thickness of 5 mm or less is tempered, the degree of deformation is more obvious, and when the thickness is more than 8 mm, the degree of wave deformation is low. The heating time can be adjusted according to the thickness of the glass.

  2. Since the spacing between the ceramic rolls of the tempering furnace is too large, the glass of the middle part of the two ceramic rolls falls, which is likely to cause serious wave deformation on the surface of the tempered glass glass. The deformation interval is neat and tidy. When this happens, the ceramic can be adjusted. The roller spacing is solved.


  3. There is a structural problem in the processing of the original sheet. Since the glass cannot be processed after being tempered, if there is a requirement for slotting and opening, it needs to be performed on the processed original sheet, and the original glass sheet having this structure is suitable for tempering. The temperature is raised and the experienced processor is required to operate. Otherwise, the situation of the fryer is prone to occur in addition to wave deformation.

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