How to install and install glass floor

  (1) Cleaning the ground: The original ground floor has been constructed with cement self-leveling, the ground level is not flat and uneven, and the surface dust is cleaned and brushed with dust-proof paint.

  (2) Positioning and releasing line: Since the room is an irregular polygon, it is impossible to divide the plate modulus, and the line is separated from the wall parallel to the glass floor line. The search, the square, the division, the positioning and the laying work are performed. The standard line bomb is placed on the ground, and the elevation line is also marked on the surrounding wall to facilitate operation control during construction.

  (3) Mounting and fixing adjustable brackets and beams: According to the design requirements, the laying height is 95mm. According to the elevation control line drawn by the wall around the room and the grid position line on the ground floor, the adjustable position is placed. And the beam is placed, and the height of the support is adjusted to the height of the whole room with a small line and a level. Each nut of the glass floor pillar should be tightened after leveling to form a networked support.


  (4) Considering that the project is a dense feature of public places, in order to prevent movement, the entire glass floor pillars are fixed in a “well-shaped” shape, and are fixed on the concrete floor diagonally with 8mm expansion screws on the pillar bottom support. 2. The pillar bottom is bonded to the ground with structural glue.

  (5) Laying the non-slip glass floor: laying the glass floor block and adjusting the level to ensure that the four corners are flat and tight; the joint is filled with glass sealant to prevent water from leaking into the lamp socket under the glass floor; the surrounding glass plate The sealant should be saturated to prevent people from stepping on the glass.

  (6) The row of the glass floor block and the wall and the column are in the shape of a special-shaped glass. According to the actual cutting template on the site, the shaped glass is separately processed. The corresponding adjustable bracket and beam are installed and fixed to prevent it. mobile.

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