What factors will affect the service life of carbon fiber heating tubes

In many heating fields, linear carbon fiber heating tubes can not meet the heating requirements of special shaped objects, and a variety of shaped carbon fiber heating tubes are derived. The heat pipes can be divided into different shapes according to the shape: a circular heating tube, a W-shaped heating tube, a U-shaped heating tube, and an Ω-shaped heating tube. The special-shaped heating tube can meet the needs of different fields, which is equivalent to the advantages and disadvantages of the linear heating tube shaped carbon fiber heating tube?

Advantages: It has all the advantages of a linear heating tube, and can also be processed into different shapes according to the shape of the object to be heated, so that the heated object is more uniform and more reasonable in heat.

Disadvantages: The processing procedure is cumbersome and the processing experience is high, Chen Bengao.

Then what factors affect the life of the carbon fiber heating tube during the production process of these shaped heating tubes?

First of all, let me introduce the production process of the shaped heating tube.

The processing procedure of the shaped carbon fiber heating tube is only one more than the quartz tube outer tube bending process compared with the linear shape. Other processes such as electric heating wire, pinch sealing, vacuuming, etc. are the same as linear heating pipes. Here, only the factors affecting the service life of the heating pipe are described for the bending process.


Quartz tube elbow processing principle: The quartz tube is placed on the bender for heating, and the heated quartz tube is bent and deformed according to the set shape under the action of traction force. The drawings are different, the processing method and the processing range are different. For example, the U-shaped heating tube only needs to bend the middle part to the desired size, and the circular heating tube is different. It is necessary to burn the whole quartz tube and then bend the circle. shape.

Key points of pipe bending process control:

After the high temperature treatment of the quartz tube, the internal microscopic crystal structure changes slightly, and then there is a certain surface stress on the surface of the material of the quartz tube. The magnitude of this stress directly affects whether the quartz tube will burst when the heating tube is used later. Therefore, the heating temperature and heating time of the quartz tube during the bending process are very critical process parameters.

Quartz tube elbow processing requires a wealth of processing experience for the processing master, because the process parameters of quartz tube elbows of different specifications are also different. What factors in the quartz tube specifications will affect the processing parameters of the elbow? The diameter and wall thickness of the quartz tube, the larger the diameter, and the longer the wall thickness needs to be heated.

The other two factors that affect the heating time and heating temperature of the quartz tube are the stepping speed and the traction force of the quartz tube. The stepping speed and the traction force need to be well matched, otherwise the quartz tube can be easily pulled or thinned. Why? If the stepping speed is slow, the time for the quartz tube to be heated by the flame is relatively long, so that the quartz tube is easily deformed at a high temperature. If it is fast, the quartz tube is prone to no burning, and the tube is easily broken and pulled when pulled. . If the traction is too large, the quartz tube may be thinned and broken. If it is too small, the quartz tube is easily deformed.

When the quartz tube is bent, if the above several control points are not well controlled, it is easy to discharge the burst of the carbon fiber heating tube when the heating tube is energized and passed through the high temperature, thereby affecting the service life of the heating tube.

Secondly, the shaped carbon fiber heating tube needs to focus on controlling the heating wire to be pulled or pulled during the process of transmitting the electric heating wire. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the strength of the traction electric heating wire. If the force is too large, the spiral structure of the heating wire is easily broken. In addition, when the electric heating wire is worn, the anti-fouling measures should be taken for the electric heating wire, and the electric heating wire cannot be contaminated. If there is contamination at high temperatures, the quartz tube is easily eroded by impurities. Therefore, in this process, employees are required to wear gloves and clean the place where the heating wire is placed.

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