The difference between tempered glass and bulletproof glass

 Since the tempered glass is broken, the fragments will break into uniform small particles and have no common glass-knife-shaped sharp corners. Therefore, it is called safety glass and is widely used in automobiles and interior decoration.

  In the home, the sharp knives of the ordinary glass are easy to cut children or impacters, causing harm to the human body. After the glass is broken, it becomes a small particle or a knife. This is the main difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass. Way. But in engineering inspections, it is unrealistic to use such destructive tests.


  The bulletproof anti-theft glass is scientifically combined with a plurality of transparent float glass of different thicknesses and a plurality of PVB films. In order to enhance the anti-theft performance of the glass, the thickness of the glass and the thickness of the PVB are increased. Due to the adhesion of the glass and the PVB film. It is very strong, almost a whole, and because of the high hardness of glass, PVB film has good toughness. When the impact material touches the glass, their impact energy is weakened to a very low level or even zero, so it cannot Penetration. Similarly, the impact of metal can only break the glass and can not penetrate, so it plays the role of anti-theft anti-theft. The thickness of each piece of glass and the total thickness of the finished glass depends on the place of use.

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