Quartz glass material industry analysis

  Quartz glass is called “Glass King” in the industry. It is made of natural crystalline quartz (crystal or high-purity silica) or silicon compound and is melted at high temperature in a clean environment. The purity of the material is the core to ensure the excellent performance of quartz glass. The indicator is a new type of functional material. Quartz glass ingots, tubes, rods, plates, enamels, various vessels and devices, as well as quartz fiberglass and fabrics are widely used in various applications such as semiconductors, solar energy, aerospace, optical communications, nuclear lasers. Metallurgy, electric light source, etc. need to provide high temperature, clean, corrosion, light transmission, filtering and other specific high-tech production process environment industry.

  Quartz sand is an important raw material for quartz glass materials and products, and its price directly affects production costs. Due to the overall good quality of foreign quartz ore and the domestic restrictions on the mining of quartz ore, the raw materials used in domestic quartz products are imported from abroad. According to its downstream application industry, raw materials are roughly divided into ordinary quartz sand and high-purity quartz sand for electronic information.

  Most of the ordinary quartz sand comes from Angola, Madagascar, Brazil and other places. After being crushed, polished and cleaned by the quartz ore processing plant in Donghai County, China, it is sold to quartz products manufacturers. Ordinary quartz sand prices have remained at a relatively stable level for many years, and their price fluctuations will not have a major impact on the company's products.


  In the electronic information industry, semiconductor devices require high-purity quartz sand as the basic raw material, and the total impurity content is less than 22ppm, and the single-class alkali metal (potassium, sodium, lithium) content is less than 1ppm of quartz sand. It is the IOTA-STANDARD grade quartz sand of Unimin in the United States. It is recognized as the standard product of high-purity quartz sand in the world. Its product purity index is regarded as the “international standard purity” of the industry. The standard measures quality and has a variety of product purity indicators.

  The original high-purity quartz sand was processed from crystal. With the gradual depletion of crystal resources, since the 1970s, the United States and other countries began to explore the use of ordinary quartz instead of crystal to prepare high-purity quartz sand, extracted from natural rock ore. High-purity quartz sand is the most advanced technology in the world for producing high-purity quartz sand. In the world, only a few companies such as Unimin in the United States can mass produce high-purity quartz sand, which basically monopolizes the international trade market of high-purity quartz sand. In addition, Russia, Germany, Japan and other countries have high-quality quartz mineral resources and high-purity sand purification technology, but have not yet formed a large supply capacity.

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