Can quartz glass be tempered

  In theory, quartz glass can be tempered. However, there is no tempered quartz glass in actual use. This is because quartz glass is difficult to be tempered, and its effect is very limited even if it is tempered. The expansion coefficient of quartz glass is extremely small, only about 5.4*10-7. Therefore, quartz glass is very resistant to rapid cooling and rapid heat. Even if the glass burned to more than 1000 degrees is suddenly put into cold water, it will not be fried. It should be the expansion coefficient of quartz glass, so it is used to measure other glass expansion coefficients. Bracket.

  The tempering of glass has a great relationship with the expansion coefficient of glass. The tempering is to generate strong internal stress by the change of the inner and outer expansion volume of the glass during cooling. The internal stress uniformly distributed inside the glass is used to increase the strength of the glass. Because of quartz The expansion coefficient of the glass is extremely small, so the internal stress generated by the ordinary tempering process inside the quartz glass is extremely small, and the effect of enhancing the strength of the glass is not obtained.


  The softening point of quartz glass is above 1700 °C. It is too difficult to achieve tempering with higher temperature and faster cooling rate than ordinary tempering process. It is better to increase the glass strength.

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