High-end applications of quartz glass

  Quartz glass is known as the "crown" in glass materials. Its comprehensive performance is glass material. The products are widely used in high-end fields such as optical communication, semiconductor, solar energy and aerospace.

  According to the report of the Quartz Industry Association, the global quartz glass market in 2015 exceeded 20 billion yuan. From the perspective of the global market, the high-end applications such as fiber optics and semiconductors dominated, with total demand accounting for about 80%.

  1. Optical communication field

  With the rapid growth of information flow and large-capacity high-efficiency direct circuit demand, the rapid development of the optical fiber industry has been promoted, and the growth of the quartz raw material and quartz tube industry, the main raw materials of the upstream, has also been promoted.

  According to the data of China Fiber Optic Cable Industry Association, the sales volume of China's optical fiber industry has increased by 184% in the past five years, and the growth rate is on the rise, with a year-on-year increase of 62% in 13 years. With the further requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan for China's network access capabilities, the demand for the optical fiber market will continue to heat up, and at the same time drive the rapid development of the quartz glass industry.


  2. Heaven and semiconductor field

  High-purity quartz materials meet the demanding requirements of the semiconductor industry for the alkali metal and heavy metal content of the carrier materials due to their temperature resistance, acid resistance, low expansion and excellent physical properties of tube permeability. Missing material. Diffusion tubes, bells, etc., which are manufactured by them, penetrate key processes such as semiconductor process diffusion, oxidation, deposition, and etching.

  With the advancement of the process, quartz materials have become more widely used in semiconductor manufacturing processes, such as the main substrate for photomask substrates in flat panel display technology, and the key materials for high-end high-power lighting tools.

  3. Photovoltaic field

  Solar energy is a source of energy that can guarantee the future needs of mankind. Therefore, in order to more effectively exploit and use solar energy, countries around the world continue to develop solar photovoltaic module technology and make full use of this “never-exhausted” energy source.

  Quartz glass is widely used in solar crystal refining and silicon wafer and silicon rod related production processes due to its clean, homogenous and high temperature resistance. It is an important consumable and process consumable in this industry.

  4. Other areas of aviation and aviation

  Due to aviation, the key parts of the spacecraft require high strength, low dielectric constant and electrical loss, high temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient and corrosion resistance. Quartz fiber is made into quartz wool due to its excellent performance. Materials such as quartz cloth are used to make aircraft nose radomes, rocket tail nozzles, and aerobic materials for spacecraft.

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