Several requirements for polishing abrasive applications

Glass products are widely used in our lives. In the production and processing, we must pay attention to the correct selection and use of polishing tools in the glass edge polishing process. According to the type and model of the glass edging machine used, the type of polishing tool should be determined.

For the same type of glass edging machine, due to the difference in quality and accuracy, the polishing effect and service life of the polishing tool will also be different. In addition, check whether the diamond rough and fine grinding wheels are properly selected. If the diamond size of the rough diamond grinding wheel and the fine grinding wheel is too coarse, it is difficult for the polishing abrasive to completely remove the grinding marks of the diamond grinding wheel, which will affect the consumption of the polishing abrasive and reduce its service life.


According to the processing requirements for glass edges, that is, the brightness requirements, choose to use suitable polishing tools in order to meet the processing requirements, while reducing the production costs and improving the production efficiency.

It is necessary to abide by the grinding and polishing specifications. Before installation of the polishing abrasive, check carefully for cracks; during installation, use a flange with a diameter not less than one-third of the diameter of the polishing abrasive. Fasten the polishing abrasive. Regulations for safe working linear speed; not for polishing abrasives specially used for end face work, it is forbidden to work with the end face of the abrasive tool; the cooling water flow must be sufficient; operate in accordance with the safe operating rules of the edger, and select the appropriate head Pressure and glass and travel speed are long; during storage, polishing abrasives should be protected from freezing and damp, and should not be in contact with alkalis, otherwise the strength and polishing ability of the polishing abrasives will be affected.

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