Solution for fogging of insulating glass of plastic steel window

Causes: 1. The air pressure balance hole and drainage hole are not opened or the water is not discharged due to unreasonable opening. After long-term evaporation of water vapor, it enters the glass interlayer to generate mist; 2. The installation position of the septum bar is not reasonable, and the septum bar runs around the glass The edge is pasted without leaving a certain gap, which is very likely to cause the septum to directly contact the rainwater and adsorb it to generate water vapor between the glass. 3. The glass is not tightly sealed and the sealant on all sides cannot be used. Uniform with leaks.


Solution: 1. Use high-quality insulating glass as much as possible. High-quality insulating glass can greatly avoid this phenomenon. 2. Glass spacers should be installed. The spacers should be arranged 1-2mm from the glass and 3-4mm from the lower side of the glass. In this way, the spacers can avoid contact with water. Of course, the spacers with good quality and low water absorption rate should be selected; 3. The glass should be tightly sealed, and it should be carefully and carefully operated, which causes this problem in actual production The main reasons are caused by poor sealing; 4, a layer of glass glue on the outside of the bottom spacers can alleviate the rain of the spacers; 5, the opening of air pressure balance holes and drainage holes is very necessary.

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