Plexiglass products industry prospects

  In the first quarter of 2019, the output of plexiglass products was 221.94 million weight boxes, an increase of 9.9%. Under the high inventory of plexiglass products, manufacturers actively lowered prices to inventory, resulting in the continued decline in the price of plexiglass products. The following analysis of the prospects of the plexiglass industry.

  Analysis of the prospects of plexiglass products industry, in 2018, China's sales of plexiglass products was 81.812 million weight boxes, an increase of 6.7%; in the first quarter of 2019, sales of plexiglass products were 193.56 million weight boxes, an increase of 10.9%. Although the sales volume of plexiglass products has increased since 2018, due to the rapid growth of supply, the ratio of production to sales has shown a downward trend. The analysis of plexiglass products indicates that the production and sales rate of plexiglass products in 2018 is 94.2%, and plexiglass products in the first quarter of 2019. The production and sales rate was 87.2%. In the short term, it is difficult to change the demand for plexiglass products.

  Plexiglass is an important thermoplastic developed earlier. It has transparency, stability and weather resistance. It is easy to dye, easy to process and has a beautiful appearance, especially in the household and food industries. Now we analyze the prospects of the plexiglass products industry from three aspects.

  In the home, plexiglass is mainly used in dining tables, chairs, wall stickers, coffee tables and indoor wall panels. The plexiglass coffee table has the characteristics of high overall structural strength, light weight and good safety performance, and has great advantages compared with the wood coffee table.


  In the food industry, plexiglass can be used to make trays, candy boxes and other products. The plexiglass tray has the characteristics of luxurious appearance, deep feeling, easy cleaning, high strength, light weight and safe use, and has been widely used in recent years.

  In terms of sanitary ware, the plexiglass bathtub has been widely used in recent years due to its luxurious appearance, deep sense, easy cleaning, high strength, light weight and comfortable use. At present, there are about 1.5 million plexiglass bathtubs in China, and the annual consumption of PMMA extrusion plates or casting plates is over 5,000 tons.

  As plexiglass continues to enter the Chinese market, and the eyes of the Chinese people are also open, it is expected that plexiglass will be applied to all walks of life in the near future. At the same time, the pace of urban construction has accelerated in all parts of China. Street signs, advertising light boxes and telephone booths made of plexiglass will also appear in large numbers. Therefore, the development of plexiglass is very large and the market prospect is very broad.

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