How to quickly identify whether glass is self-explosive or an external force

After the glass is broken, the starting point of the glass breaks is typical “butterfly spot”, as shown in the figure. From the thickness direction, it can be clearly seen that there is a stone in the middle of the thickness direction. It can be concluded that the breakage of the glass is caused by the "self-explosion phenomenon" of the tempered glass and is not an external force.


Tempered glass self-explosion is a phenomenon that the tempered glass is broken due to the existence of some stones in the original sheet of the tempered glass. At the starting point of the self-explosion of tempered glass, there will be nickel sulfide stones. These nickel sulfide stones will "freeze" the high-temperature crystalline state (α-NiS) and maintain it at normal temperature during the production of tempered glass. Because this high-temperature crystalline state is not stable at normal temperature, it will gradually change to the normal-temperature crystalline state (β-NiS) with time, and it will be accompanied by a certain volume expansion at the same time; if the stone happens to exist in the tempered glass, In the tensile stress area (the middle of the thickness direction of the glass plate), this phase change process often causes the tempered glass to break suddenly, which is what we usually call the "self-exploding" phenomenon of tempered glass.


In general, due to the original glass, the tempered glass has a certain self-explosion rate. From a technical point of view, the self-explosion rate of the tempered glass can be greatly reduced by controlling the quality of the original glass or performing a second heat treatment, but the tempered glass cannot be completely eliminated. Self-destruction.


In general, when the toughened glass is broken by external force, such as small stones splashing, the glass's impacted surface will be found to be non-smooth at the "butterfly spot" of the glass. There are some glass powder and small pits. This is Because glass is caused by energy from external forces. The internal and external surfaces of the self-exploded tempered glass are very smooth at the point of detonation.

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