"Gold, Nine, Silver and Ten" Why change the doors and windows

First, little impact on life

Replacement of doors and windows is first of all dismantling old doors and windows. It is too hot in summer and cold in winter. It is not realistic to open the air conditioner and heating in the room, remove the doors and windows, and open the arms to the outside world. There is also a rainy season in the spring in the south, and there is much rain, so it is not suitable to replace doors and windows. In autumn, the temperature is neither cold nor hot, there is little rain, and the dependence of the room on heating and cooling is small. At this time, changing the doors and windows will have a much smaller impact on life.

Second impact on door and window profiles

Autumn is cool and not easy to return to moisture. Newly installed doors and windows will not be exposed to direct sunlight or freezing. Glass glue can also be dried and shaped more uniformly. Various adhesives will not crack as a result of drying too fast in summer, thus Ensure the quality of door and window installation.


Third, the installation of doors and windows is difficult

The climate and temperature environment in autumn is relatively good, and the thermal expansion and contraction are not obvious. At this time, the installation of new doors and windows will not cause large deviations, and the sealing will be better, which can also ensure the normal service life of the doors and windows.

Fourth, Fast project progress

Autumn is not as hot as summer. Installation workers cannot continue to work under high temperature, otherwise it is prone to heat stroke, and autumn is refreshed because of the weather. The installation and construction progress is not affected by environmental factors. It can greatly speed up the decoration and save time.

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